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Kyle Cunningham has dedicated his practice to family law in Missoula for more than 30 years.

More Than 30 Years Of Experience

Some changes in life are too painful to go through alone. Friends and family can provide emotional support when facing a divorce or fighting for child custody, but for help in making difficult decisions and reaching compromises with an estranged family member, there is no better resource than an experienced Montana family law attorney like Kyle Cunningham.

At Cunningham Law Office, we will help you land on your feet when big changes come to your life and family.

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Parenting Plans / Custody

Child Support


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Focused Solely On Family Law

Cunningham Law Office is dedicated to helping our clients work through big family changes, and we are never distracted by cases in other areas of the law. For 30 years, Kyle Cunningham’s work in family law has prepared him more for each successive case.

Whether you are facing divorce, trying to set up child custody, seeking modifications to an existing custody plan, involved in a child support issue, or any other family law matter, we will help you resolve your legal issues and focus on what makes financial sense for you.

It is difficult to remove the emotions completely from a family law situation. However, at Cunningham Law Office, we work with our clients to focus on financial matters and issues involving the children.

“I trust Kyle to do what’s best for my family and to do it well. My life is easier because of his help. No hesitation in recommending him!”

You Do Not Have To Go Through This Alone

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