Over Three Decades Of Resolving Family Law Issues In Montana

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Minimize The Stress Of Filing For Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a painful and stressful process, but a qualified lawyer can reduce your stress by helping you navigate Montana’s laws on divorce, which is formally known in our state as “dissolution of marriage.”

Just as your friends and family can provide emotional support during this trying time, Missoula-based Cunningham Law Office provides the clearheaded, no-nonsense legal support you need to move forward and land on your feet.

Legal Support Tailored To Your Specific Situation

At Cunningham Law Office, we can assist with both contested and uncontested dissolutions of marriage. An uncontested dissolution of marriage — when both parties agree on the terms of the divorce — is obviously quicker and simpler to process. However, even an uncontested divorce can include confusing hurdles that can be resolved by an experienced attorney.

If you are facing a contested divorce, the need for a qualified and experienced lawyer is even greater. When spouses have disagreements and cannot reach a compromise on issues like division of property, debts, maintenance, parenting plans, child support, or any other factor related to the divorce, hostility can escalate quickly. An experienced lawyer can provide a crucial buffer between the parties, while advocating for your interests from start to finish.

A court-mandated mediation or “settlement conference” is required in most jurisdictions in Montana if the parties are unable to reach an agreement on their own. Kyle Cunningham is an experienced Mediator and Settlement Master, and can guide you through this process.

We also work with couples who want formalize a legal separation rather than file for a full divorce. This arrangement gives each partner more space — sometimes that space relieves the strain on a marriage, and sometimes it serves as training for a full divorce.

The Sooner You Get Help, The Better

Once you have made the difficult decision to get divorced, you just want to get the paperwork over with. While divorce can sometimes be a long process, we will help you move through the process as quickly as possible To schedule a free consultation, contact us online or call us at 406-203-4678.