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Crafting A Custody Plan For Your Child Or Children

Whether you are divorced, separated, or never married, it can be difficult to raise a child when you and your child’s other parent live separately. Besides the basic logistical challenges of ferrying a child between school and social activities and multiple homes, parents have to make important decisions about their child’s future. It can be very difficult to do this when the parents disagree.

That is why it is important to set up a detailed parenting plan that establishes a schedule, assigns decision-making power, and addresses other important issues unique to each family. (In some states, this document is known as a custody plan.) Family law attorney Kyle Cunningham will help you focus on what matters: assisting you in providing your child or children a happy, healthy childhood.

We Will Help You Craft A Parenting Plan That Works

It is possible to make modifications to the terms of a parenting plan if necessary. Careful consideration of the factors during the development of the parenting plan is very important. Some of the important issues to address include:

  • Child parenting (formerly “child custody”): Will one parent have sole parenting, or will both parents share joint parenting? If you are sharing parenting, you will need to agree on a schedule specifying when the child will live with each parent.
  • Parenting time, or visitation: When a child lives primarily with one parent, the other has a right to maintain a relationship with the child through scheduled parenting time.
  • Decision-making: Parents may not agree on every decision that needs to be made in your child’s life, but both parents need to agree on the way those decisions will be made. These decisions might include what school the child will attend, the religious tradition in which the child will be raised, and non-emergency medical questions such as elective drug prescriptions and surgeries.

Hire A Lawyer To Make The Process Easier

At Cunningham Law Office, we offer an experienced family law attorney who can help you focus on long-term priorities even when emotions are running high. To schedule a free consultation in our Missoula, MT, office and discuss your situation with attorney Kyle Cunningham, contact us online or call us at 406-203-4678.