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We Work To Keep Property Division Fair

The thought of losing a significant portion of your money and property can be intimidating. Divorce is a big change both personally and financially. With attentive legal counsel, you may be able to get fair results while minimizing the economic impact of divorce.

Cunningham Law Office is here to give you the information and advocacy you need to protect your finances during and after divorce. We understand that the asset division process can be complex. Our lawyer will work to make it easier for you while standing up for what you need.

What To Expect When Dividing Marital Property

In Montana, courts do not automatically divide all of a couple’s property exactly in half. Instead, the court reviews each spouse’s financial needs and earning abilities to give them a fair – but not necessarily equal – portion of marital property. Aside from divorce litigation, however, you also have the option to mediate divorce to keep more control over who receives which asset.

Some of the types of property you may divide in divorce include:

  • Shared savings, retirement and investment accounts
  • Real estate property such as the family home
  • Vehicles, collectables and special belongings
  • Family business ownership
  • Debts

Property division can be a long and complicated process. It is important to keep any property that you own individually separate from your divorce. In addition, the property you keep could have hidden costs or benefits for your future. We can give you a strategic legal perspective, whether you plan to go to divorce trial or mediation.

Ask Us Your Divorce Questions

Preparing for property division can be filled with uncertainty. Get the reliable support of an experienced family law attorney. Call 406-203-4678 or email us to set up a consultation.