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How And When To Modify A Parenting Plan

Even if both parents approached the original parenting plan in a spirit of respect and compromise, or if your plan was the result of protracted litigation and a court order, it is possible that your parenting plan will need to be updated to accommodate changing circumstances in your life, your child’s, or the other parent’s.

If one parent’s work schedule changes, for example, it might be impossible to maintain the child custody or parenting time/visitation schedule you originally agreed on. One parent moving away will also have a significant impact on your parenting plan. And as your child grows older, he or she will be able to express opinions and preferences that may not be consistent with a parenting plan written when the child was just a baby. As parents inevitably learn, a 15-year-old has very different parenting needs than a five-year-old.

Keep What Works And Change What Does Not

The good news is that your parenting plan is not “set in stone.” It can be modified. If the parties can agree, the process is fairly simple. However, if both parents cannot agree, it can be a more complicated process. That is why it is useful to have an experienced lawyer representing your interests and guiding you through whatever modifications of parenting plans you need.

When appropriate, Cunningham Law Office can facilitate formal mediation before you ask a court for an amendment to your parenting plan. But we can also advise you as you and the other parent discuss options informally, helping you decide when to compromise and when to insist on a certain condition.

Make These Important Decisions With An Attorney’s Help

Your child deserves a custody arrangement that lays the foundation for a happy, healthy and positive childhood. It is important to receive good advice when making decisions that will affect your family. To schedule a free consultation in our Missoula office, contact Cunningham Law Office online or call us at 406-203-4678.