Over Three Decades Of Resolving Family Law Issues In Montana

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End Disputes In Settlement Conferences Or Mediation

In ideal circumstances, spouses or parents can resolve their disagreements on their own, without the need for lawyers. But sometimes the disagreements run too deep, or feelings are too hurt, to effectively resolve a dispute without help. That is where Cunningham Law Office, based in Missoula, can help: we can help you communicate with your family member — face-to-face or through a representative — using two distinct methods of legal conflict resolution: settlement conferences and mediation.

Settlement Conferences Or Mediation: Which Is Right For You?

Mediation and settlement conferences are both forms of negotiation to help you reach a resolution in whatever legal issue you are facing.

  • Mediation: In mediation, both parties usually meet in person with a trained, neutral family mediator. Usually no other lawyers are present (however, both parties are entitled to be represented during the mediation). Such a meeting is only scheduled after both parties have gone through pre-mediation screening to verify that they can use such a meeting productively, and that neither poses a danger to the other.
  • Settlement Conferences: Settlement conferences are useful when parties cannot productively negotiate in person. A conference of this type takes place in separate rooms: one room for one party and their attorney, one room for the other party and their attorney. The Settlement Master will typically go between the rooms, speaking with the parties and their attorneys, while narrowing the issues and hopefully eventually reaching a final agreement.

As a Mediator or Settlement Master, Kyle Cunningham has a track record of success in both forms of conflict resolution. While there is no guarantee any case will settle, we have reached settlement in an average of over 94% of cases in which Kyle Cunningham has acted as Mediator or Settlement Master (over a running five-year average).

An Experienced Lawyer Can Reach A Compromise When Family Members Cannot

It can be in your interest, or your children’s best interests, to maintain a civil relationship with your spouse or fellow parent, even when you feel angry or guilty or betrayed. Instead of forcing a confrontation, let family law attorney Kyle Cunningham be your spokesman and help you determine how to communicate with your family member.

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