Over Three Decades Of Resolving Family Law Issues In Montana

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Establish A Fair Child Support Arrangement

Along with dividing parenting responsibilities, parents who are divorced, separated, or living separately also need to address the financial responsibilities of raising a child.

The primary purpose of child support is to make sure that a child has access to sufficient resources to stay properly fed, clothed and housed. The calculation of which parent owes child support — and how much — depends on many factors, including the parenting schedule, the incomes of both parents, and their share of childcare responsibilities and expenses.

When disagreements about child support come up, it is easy to feel like one parent is “cashing in” on the other’s resources or, alternatively, selfishly withholding money that could be used to make the child’s life more comfortable. Rather than letting these emotions get the best of you, consider hiring family law attorney Kyle Cunningham to help you achieve a child support arrangement that both makes sense financially and is in accordance with Montana law.

Set Up A Child Support Plan And Stick To It

In addition to helping parents establish child support arrangements, Cunningham Law Office can help you enforce existing child support obligations and put a stop to violations. Or if you have been subjected to enforcement procedures that you believe are being misapplied, we can help interpret and clarify your existing child support arrangements.

Just as parenting plans require modifications over time, child support modifications are also sometimes necessary as your family evolves. If the financial circumstances of you or the other parent change, or you incur unexpected expenses on behalf of the child, for example, a modification of child support might be appropriate.

Get An Experienced Lawyer On Your Side

You do not have to face parenting and child support issues alone — family law attorney Kyle Cunningham has significant experience in this area and can help you find the right child support arrangement instead of one that is only “good enough.”

To schedule a free consultation at our Missoula office, contact Cunningham Law Office online or call us at 406-203-4678.