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May 2018 Archives

Does my ex have any say in how I spend child support?

During your divorce, you and your ex followed Montana's guidelines for determining child support, and the judge's ruling set it in stone. Your child's other parent has no quarrel with the amount, but does want to know exactly how you're spending that money. Do you have to provide a breakdown?

Discussing custody matters with your children

From child support to property distribution, all sorts of family law matters arise. Some can be especially emotional, however, such as those involving the custody of children. To make things even more complicated, court decisions related to custody can have a significant impact on a child's future and their ability to spend time with a parent. If you have anxiety over a custody dispute you are involved in, or are worried about how the outcome of your case will affect your children, it is critical to be prepared and go over all relevant details. You may also find it helpful to talk to your kids about these issues.

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