Over Three Decades Of Resolving Family Law Issues In Montana

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Family Law

Co-parenting tips for divorced parents

One of the most difficult tasks that parents in Montana may face during and after a divorce is building a functional co-parenting relationship with one another. However, it is also one of the most important ones. The best route to success for most parents in this...

The right way to ask for a prenup

Prenuptial agreements are a sensitive issue for couples in Montana, and they can be divisive in some cases. Some people feel they're very unromantic. Others see them as a realistic way to approach a marriage. Experts point out that going through the process of writing...

Parenting plans can be flexible

As Montana parents begin to plan their parenting schedule, they should be aware of the different options available. Joint custody plans can be flexible to fit the needs of both parents and children. They can also change over time, as children grow and the family...