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April 2018 Archives

Divorce as a newlywed couple

With divorce, each couple’s situation is unique. Some people opt to end their marriage after decades of marriage, while others may have decided that their marriage was not working out after less than a year of marriage. If you recently married your spouse and are considering divorce, or are already convinced that divorce is necessary, it is very important to approach your divorce case with care.

Back child support and travel plans

With respect to child support, there are many different challenges parents encounter. For example, a parent may worry about being arrested for failing to pay child support after losing their job or struggle with the costs associated with raising a child because they are not receiving what they are owed. It is very important for parents to resolve these situations, and those who are unable to pay child support should be aware of the repercussions associated with falling behind. Moreover, you may want to explore the modification of your child support order if you are going through this.

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