Over Three Decades Of Resolving Family Law Issues In Montana

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Child Support

What is a fair child support agreement?

All children have the right to be financially supported by both of their parents whenever possible. This is why child support orders are put in place. In the eyes of the law, the needs of a child are always the priority. Therefore, making sure that they are...

Why should I pay child support?

As a noncustodial parent, you may be concerned that the other parent of your child is going to ask you to pay child support. Of course, child support is a significant cost that might seem unnecessary or unaffordable. You may feel that the other parent of your child...

What can you use child support to pay?

Child support can be a touchy issue between divorced parents. While child support is designed to represent the noncustodial parent's contribution to the child's keep, the paying parent may feel like their support is really a secret benefit that's paid to their ex....