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Facts about child support guidelines in Montana

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2020 | Child Support |

Every parent is legally required to make a financial contribution to the upbringing of their child. If your child’s other parent has primary physical custody of your child, you will probably be given an order to pay support.

Child support payments are calculated based on your income. The following is how the law works in regard to child support in Montana and can help you understand what to expect:

How is a parent’s income calculated for support?

In Montana, a parent’s income is calculated by looking at the economic benefits that they receive from their job or from other sources. If the parent is considered to be unemployed or underemployed, their potential income may be estimated based on their skills.

How are child support obligations calculated?
Certain deductions are taken from the calculated income to establish how much child support a person owes. For example, a personal allowance for the parent’s own needs is deducted from the parent’s countable income, and other allowable deductions may also be made.

How can you take action if your income changes?

If you are made unemployed or lose your income when you have a child support order, it is important that you take swift action to ask for a modification. If you do not update your income, you may still be required to pay the full amount, and you will build up back payments if you get behind.

If you are struggling to afford child support payments in Montana, make sure that you take swift action to understand your legal options and that you avoid getting in trouble with the law.