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Three critical factors to use when choosing a divorce mediator

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2023 | Divorce |

When a marriage isn’t working as planned, there’s sometimes no choice but for couples to seek a divorce. Divorcing couples have a few ways to carry out this legal matter. If you and your former spouse can attempt to work together, choosing a mediator in Montana can be a smart option. But, before mediation begins for both of you, you must choose a mediator.

Check into their professional background

You can learn quite a lot by looking into your mediator’s educational and professional background. Fortunately, this information should be easy to find by checking out their website or business-related social media pages. It’s also helpful to see how involved a professional is in the subjects they practice. For example, seeing that your mediator actively creates thought leadership content in their chosen field or stays actively involved in their communities are two good signs.

Read reviews and testimonials

People often write reviews about products, services and companies they engage with in the digital age. Therefore, one of the wisest first steps when choosing a mediator is looking into reviews and testimonials from former clients.

Check their specialty

Another critical factor in divorce mediation is checking a mediator’s specialty. Ideally, you and your former spouse want to work with someone specializing in family law. Choosing a mediator with expertise in business, employment or other mediation areas won’t provide much help when mediating a divorce.

One factor you probably shouldn’t rely on when choosing a mediator is their rate. Choosing to work with a professional with rock-bottom prices may lead to problems because as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.