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Why should I pay child support?

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2020 | Child Support |

As a noncustodial parent, you may be concerned that the other parent of your child is going to ask you to pay child support. Of course, child support is a significant cost that might seem unnecessary or unaffordable. You may feel that the other parent of your child threatens to file for child support as a form of revenge against you and that it’s a form of manipulative behavior.

While paying for child support can be costly, you should take the time to recognize the positive aspects. If you are currently making voluntary financial contributions to your child’s upbringing, they may be inconsistent and cause arguments between you and the other parent. The following are some reasons why choosing to pay child support could actually be beneficial for yourself and your child.

You’ll ensure that their basic needs are met

All children deserve an upbringing where both of their parents are doing the best they can to provide for them. While they do not need to be showered in gifts. Having basic necessities such as a safe place to live, heating, electricity, food and clothing are essential.

You’ll have a better relationship with the other parent

Paying child support will likely ease any existing tensions between you and the other parent. You’ll be able to consistently pay a sum that you can afford, and you’ll be able to hold your head up high.

If you are a noncustodial parent and you’re unsure about your legal obligations when it comes to paying child support, it is important that you take the time to understand the law.