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Easing the stress of divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2018 | Divorce |

After having “the talk,” hiring attorneys and negotiating a settlement, a Montana couple may believe that they have their divorce under control. However, the stress of ending the relationship goes far beyond the divorce paperwork. According to Psych Central, divorce brings self-doubt, fear and past issues to the forefront, and finding ways to cope with these can help relieve emotional stress and restore equilibrium.

Negativity does not necessarily just extend to the former partner. Many people feel guilty and criticize themselves for not being able to salvage the relationship. These thoughts and feelings cannot change the past, but their harmful effects can impact the present and the future. There are lessons to be learned from the divorce, but once these are identified and accepted, it is time to live in the present and plan for a new and better future.

Going from a couple to a single person changes everything, from daily activities and chores to larger responsibilities. Simple tasks may seem overwhelming when dealing with emotional stress. Breaking things down into small steps and only focusing on one thing at a time rather than the big picture can make things more manageable.

Psychology Today explains that burying feelings such as grief and anger only sets the stage for an explosion later. People should allow themselves to feel their emotions so they can identify them, accept them and then work through the painful responses to the divorce.

A former spouse may not have been a best friend for a long time, but after the divorce, there is bound to be an emptiness where that person used to be. Seeking out friends and developing healthy friendships can help provide relief from the loneliness and loss.