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Mediation: improving communication during your divorce and beyond

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2018 | Divorce |

Even though effective communication plays such a critical role in ensuring a fair divorce settlement, spouses in Montana may find it next to impossible to sit down to a calm, rational discussion. According to the American Psychological Association, one way to neutralize the extreme emotions often present during a divorce is to undergo mediation

Agreeing to mediation allows spouses to let go of the view of divorce as a courtroom battle. Instead, it is a series of negotiations that promote cooperation. The more spouses are able to set aside their negative feelings for each other and work together, the more emotional satisfaction they may develop.

The American Bar Association explains that a mediator helps spouses work through conflict by assisting them in identifying their personal goals. Each spouse can meet with the mediator for an individual session, and then the mediator uses this information to help the couple create a customized divorce agreement. 

In mediation, there is no pressure to give in on important issues just to keep the peace. Couples do not have to agree on everything. They can create a settlement document that includes all of the matters they are comfortable with, and then still take the contested matters to court if need be. The focus of mediation is to find common ground, cooperate and reduce conflict.

Reducing the stress common during a litigated divorce can have other positive outcomes, as well. The communication that is established during mediation can last long after the divorce is final. Also, parents who use mediation to create a custody plan are aware of their child’s best interests and can tailor the schedule to meet his or her needs, leading to more parental involvement and less conflict for the child.