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Can you tell when a divorce is going to happen?

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2019 | Divorce |

While every marriage has its moments where contentment, happiness and love seem to be fleeting, it can be incredibly discouraging if you feel that disagreements are more common than any positive interaction. Identifying the warning signs that your marriage to your spouse in Montana is not in a healthy place is important in helping you decide if pursuing your relationship is worth your while. 

Perhaps the most imperative part of maintaining any relationship is being able to feel comfortable communicating openly with the person you are building a relationship with. Effective communication often requires you and the other party to listen, negotiate, practice flexibility and at times, settle for an arrangement that may not be exactly what you had wanted. With a willingness to compromise from both you and your partner, you have the ability to create a strong relationship that is built on trust and respect. 

According to Readers Digest, some early warning signs that may indicate that your marriage is heading in a bad direction include if you are not communicating with your spouse the way you should be. Even if the two of you talk regularly, if the communication is not in-depth and mutually beneficial, it may be hindering the growth of your relationship. Equally as concerning is when you find that the disagreements between the two of you are often over the same topics. Lack of intimacy, lack of trust and disrespect are other concerning signs that your relationship may be in trouble. 

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