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Child custody dispute ends in shooting

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2019 | Divorce |

The ultimate hope is that those who are going through a divorce in Missoula can keep things civil between each other throughout the process. Doing so may typically works out to benefit of all of those involved, as it allows proceedings to be completed quickly and keeps the resource expenditures required to complete the case at a minimum. Yet divorces often involve a great deal of emotion, and in some cases, expecting those involved to contain that emotion might prove to be too much to ask. At that point, the goal then becomes to limit the impact that it may have on the proceedings.

Yet the matters related to a divorce case are not always limited to the courtroom. That fact became tragically apparent in a child custody dispute that spilled into the streets in Texas. A man arrived to pick up his daughter from her mother’ss house when an argument between the two (and another man) ensued. The child’s grandfather then retrieved a shotgun and followed the father to his van before shooting into the vehicle while both the father and the girl were inside. The father began to pull away, but then stopped and exited the vehicle, and returned to the house. The grandfather then shot him in the chest in the front yard. He later died from his wounds.

Sadly, incidents of domestic violence can be common in divorce cases. Yet those dealing with them are not necessarily alone in their struggles. There are resources that can help make court proceedings, custody exchanges and any other event that may require feuding couples to cross paths safe for everyone. An attorney might be a valuable source o assistance in connecting with such resources.